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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 9:09 am
***News from all over...all in one place***

For our new members/visitors: Welcome!

As I have said before, I do not always agree with all the articles I post.

I do think it's important to know what others around the US and globe are doing and saying.
I believe the people who come here are smart enough to use discernment when reading news articles.

I search the news wires from all over, in hopes to find news that gives us a better understanding of the world we live in.
Our 'MSM' just spoon feeds us what they want us to know/think.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to come here and catch up.
Feel free to share our daily news threads on social media.

If you find news stories that we have missed, feel free to add them to the current daily thread with links.

***NOTE: If you leave the page open, you need to refresh to see new posts.

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 9:10 am
“We Will Make America Great Again!” Trump Christmas Statement to the American People

Authorities Admit Currently Investigating Members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign: Durham

Misinterpreting a federal judge's ruling denying Michael Flynn’s request for a temporary restraining order on Jan. 6 committee

Georgia Voter Files from 2020 and Even 2016 Are Changing – Why Are These Likely Illegal Actions Secretly Happening?

Well, This Does Not Look Good… GA Election Official Gabe Sterling Gets Caught After He Claimed There Were No Duplicate Ballots in 2020 election

If Republican Leaders Will Not Speak Out Against Election Officials Removing GOP Observers from Room, Pulling Out Hidden Suitcases of Votes and Shoving Stacks of Ballots Thru Machines 3 Times, Then the Grand Old Party’s Days Are Over

Steve Bannon and Boris Epshteyn Announce Their Strategic Ownership Positions in the $FJB Coin Blockchain Project

GIRL ON PFIZER - A Chris Mann Parody

Fauci says he was 'stunned' by boos from Trump supporters over booster revelation

Entering The American Twilight Zone

Four Young Soccer Stars from Four Different Countries Die This Week After Suffering Sudden Heart Attacks

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 9:11 am
‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Dad Talks About Trolling Biden on Christmas Eve Call as Vengeful Liberals Doxx and Try to Ruin Him

What?… Joe Biden Tells Troops He’s Going to “Give Them the Space They Need” in Word Salad Christmas Message

Figures. Biden’s New Dog Starts Licking Its Balls During Christmas Massage to Troops (VIDEO)

Biden’s White House Pretends It’s Next to Container Ship Loading Docks for Supply Chain Presser

Biden's push to be next LBJ hindered by public perception he's next Carter

Biden Shoots Down Trucker Request to Nix Vaccine Mandate

Paid Actors Bussed in Pretend to be Students Supporting Biden…REAL Students Expose the Lie

As first year ends, Biden faces lengthy checklist of unfinished business, slumping approval

New poll shows Americans think Biden has done a lousy job fighting COVID

The Truth About Biden's Dancing Nurses Is the Darkest Story You'll Hear This Christmas

Report: Democrats Like What They Saw in Kamala Harris-Charlamagne tha God Exchange

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 9:12 am
Jan. 6 panel signals interest in whether Trump committed crime

The left is scared! Jim Jordan could end up as House Speaker and then 'All hell could break loose': MSNBC panel

West Virginia business leaders rally behind Manchin for opposing Biden's Build Back Better

Blunt blasts Democrat 'gimmicks' in Build Back Better as bill's future remains in jeopardy

Karl Rove warns Democrats won't pass Build Back Better amid continued criticism toward Joe Manchin

Manchin handed vulnerable Democrats a lifeline, says North Dakota’s GOP Sen. Cramer

Cardin on future of Biden spending bill: 'A lot of us are gonna be disappointed'

House Republican, Democrat say political environment on Capitol Hill is 'toxic'

Watchdog Releases Top Ethics Violators in Government of 2021

Seven notable pieces of bipartisan legislation in 2021

Elizabeth Warren goes to war against SpaceX's Elon Musk

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 9:39 am
Former Trump Senior Adviser Stephen Miller Says Biden’s Repeating of “Let’s Go Brandon” Brings Up Greater Concern (VIDEO)

Discharged Navy sailor gets prison in scheme to export U.S. military equipment to China

Navy warship sidelined because of COVID outbreak among fully immunized crew

Marines Have Now Booted 169 For Vaccine Refusal - All Religious Exemptions Denied

Prisoners, identity thieves reap COVID jobless benefits, as lax controls cost billions

Putin Demands Biden and the West Provide Russia Security Guarantees ‘Immediately’

The Biden Effect – Saudi Arabia Begins Building Its Own Ballistic Missiles with Help from China

Eyes Are on St. Louis as Federal Appeals Court Set To Rule on Israel Boycott Case

Union of Concerned Scientists 2022 calendar

New Year's celebrations shelved across the globe as COVID-19 surges, here's who canceled and who hasn't

Here's how much energy prices rose in 2021

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 11:04 am
Whitmer kidnapping plot defense seeks to dismiss indictment

Florida taking action against Communist China and 'woke' corporations

Democrats ‘Make History’ by Electing Convicted Killer as Nominee for Key Position

West Virginia Leads the Nation

GOP stronghold Wyoming set to get another Democratic-appointed federal judge

Just Joking: Oregon Dad Claims No Animosity in ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Crack at Joe Biden

New York surrenders to the woke revolution

Two Kentucky congregations hold joint service in lot between destroyed churches

Connecticut coronavirus cases linked to Dem governor’s holiday party: reports

Navajo Organizers and Miners Are Fighting for Compensation for Uranium Exposure

VP Harris: ‘I’m Not Giving Up, the President Is Not Giving Up’ on Build Back Better Passage

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 11:58 am
Karol Markowicz and Bethany Mandel respond to NYC changing the isolation period for vaccinated essential workers who test positive for Covid but are asymptomatic

Socialist Son of Weather Underground Terrorists, San Fran DA Chesa Boudin Admits “We Are at the Tipping Point in San Francisco”

Man who said ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ to President Biden on Christmas Eve identified, now trending on Twitter

When there aren’t enough cops available ‘to serve and protect’

“Kim Potter Verdict Will Have Devastating Effects on Law Enforcement” – Chicago Police Officer Betsy Brantner Smith On Guilty Verdict in Kim Potter Trial

Heavy Blue Toll: Law enforcement deaths hit record high in 2021

Brewer: Disrespect for law enforcement has become a culture

Christmas house fire leaves Pennsylvania father and two children dead, wife and oldest child injured

Fat cats are taking on even fatter rats in Tribeca’s posh Cast Iron House

Minnesota pileup on Interstate 94 involves as many as 50 vehicles: report

Teen dies after falling overboard from cruise ship returning to Miami

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 11:59 am
Fauci on domestic air travel mandate: Anything to get people more vaccinated 'would be welcome'

Fauci admits US needs to ‘do better’ with at-home COVID tests, warns cases will rise

Fauci finally admits omicron is less severe

Nurses report 'overwhelming' number of heart attacks, clotting in vaccinated patients

Yet another independent study confirms over 150K Americans killed by the COVID vaccines

The Covid fear factory is trembling

The Real Reason They Want to Give COVID Jabs to Kids

Indiana nursing homes lost 9,000 workers during pandemic

FEMA wants to give families up to $9,000 for COVID funerals, but many don't apply

Health expert: Surge in COVID-19 cases should no longer be 'major metric' of pandemic

What do the UK Vaccine Surveillance Reports tell us?

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:00 pm
Stockman: 'Patriotic Duty' My Eye

After massive bust, Arizona lawmaker wants to beef up fentanyl-dealing punishment

Mexican smugglers know Biden administration is 'not serious': Wolf

Video: Drone Has Ability to Take Down Illegal Aliens Crossing Border by Shooting Taser Out of It

Arizona AG on record migrant encounters in 2021: 'This is coming to everyone's neighborhood'

4-year-old rescued after 24 hours wandering Arizona desert

WTH? Biden is the one who won't push for illegals to get vaxxed. ICE's failure to give detainees booster shots could fuel our winter surge

Agents Spread Christmas Cheer to Children in Border Communities

Border Patrol Charity Provides Christmas Presents to Children of Fallen Agents

Democrats must face the reality of their Latino voter problem

Democrats compound struggles with Latino voters

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:20 pm
Sen. Blunt: 'No Time' to Make Inflation Worse Through Build Back Better

Rep. Jim Jordan: Biden and Dems 'Screwed it Up' on All Policies

Experts: Kids’ mental health impacted by school closures

Hannah-Jones: Parents Shouldn’t Decide what’s Being Taught In Schools — ‘Leave That to the Educators’

Nikole Hannah-Jones: ‘We Are Going into a Dark Age of Repression and Suppression of the Truth’ by Banning CRT

Teacher knocks parents as 'bigots' in Dr. Seuss-style poem at school board meeting

Report — Dr. Oz on Trans Swimmer: ‘We Have to Have Compassion’ for Transgender Adults

California taxpayers will cough up almost $8 million for Marin County schools

Parents With Disabilities Face Medicare Rules That Exclude Parental Assistance

Harris fires back at Democrats’ claims she’s being ‘set up to fail’

Joe Biden Celebrates ‘Peace, Unity, and Joy’ of Kwanzaa in a Statement

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:21 pm
MSNBC columnist calls for end of NORAD Santa tracker 'out of concern for Santa's safety' from US military

Sen. Cramer: Schumer's Decisions Motivated by Fear of AOC Challenge

Media Outraged Over Parent Who Told Biden 'Let's Go Brandon

How the press botched 2021

Tammy Bruce: Kamala Harris citing lack of travel as biggest failure signals 'chaos' in White House

Meacham: Trump Running in 2024 Is an ‘Unfolding’ Constitutional Crisis

Janice Dean shows off her Chris Cuomo-themed Christmas present from Megyn Kelly

'COVID optics:' Confused NFL fans react to Erin Andrews conducting socially distanced interview with Aaron Rodgers then hugging him afterward

"Think just a little bit": Nikole Hannah-Jones busts Chuck Todd for assuming most parents are white

Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax: Potter Has Right to Bail, Committed 'No Crime'

The Toxic Phrase We Need To Say More Often Around The Holidays

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:22 pm
Las Vegas cops discover severed head in cooler during arrest of suspect on totally different charges

Man shoots parents at their Long Island home on Christmas morning

Pro boxer killed in front of kids, girlfriend in possible ‘road rage’ on Christmas Eve

Missouri police arrest woman who allegedly killed boyfriend with sword after taking meth on Christmas Eve

One person killed in Hamptons home invasion on Christmas Day

Two Men Shot and Killed on Bronx Street Corner Hours After Christmas Day

Las Vegas Uber driver sexually assaults sleeping passenger, strangles woman as she begs him to stop: Reports

Man charged with murder after Florida real estate agent shot, killed

Man and woman had 12-year-old flown from Texas to east coast for sex

DNA samples tested 25 years after JonBenet Ramsey killed

The media's selective justice

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:32 pm
Cawthorne: This is the time to 'show strength,' 'put Russia in their place'

Miami Herald op-ed suggests Florida omicron outbreak occurred because Gov. DeSantis acted 'selfishly'

NBA Teams Required to Host Booster Shot Events by New Year’s Eve Amid Coronavirus Surge

UPDATE: COVID Mask Karen in FBI Custody After Attacking Man on Plane for Eating Unmasked

Hundreds more US flights canceled for third day amid surging Covid cases

United employees granted vax exemptions put on unpaid leave, can't work elsewhere, activists claim

Wrong recipe? Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay flees California, moves restaurant headquarters to Texas

Fauci ‘Real Life Political Action Figure’ Doll Promoted on Amazon With Mock Photo of Fauci Torturing President Trump

Huma Abedin opens up about marriage and learning the truth about Anthony Weiner in new book

‘We have achieved herd stupidity’: Texas Dem shows off the Dr. Fauci doll he got for Christmas

NBC News Says ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ is a ‘Right-Wing Anti-Biden Slur’

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:33 pm
Remembering giants who died in 2021

Earnhardt family matriarch passes away at age 91

Alex Jones’ wife arrested for alleged domestic violence: authorities

Huma Abedin reveals child services got involved after 'breaking point' in marriage to Anthony Weiner

NASCAR driver who unintentionally sparked ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant says corporations don’t want to sponsor him

Maskless COVID Cultist Oprah Winfrey and Family Celebrate Christmas Feast In Mansion Alongside Masked Servants

LeBron James Finally Tweets Something Most Americans Can Agree With

Killer Alec Baldwin Says Santa Needs to Wear a Mask in Bizarre Video Thanking Supporters

WATCH: British News Anchor Mistakenly Says the Pope is Dead on Christmas

Hospital grilled surgeon on her sex life after she removed ‘foreign object’ from patient’s anus: lawsuit

NYPD rookie sorry for boss’ lap dance — but says a man wouldn’t see same backlash

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Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS Empty Re: Sunday - December 26, 2021 - NEWS

Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:38 pm
Some global news....


‘I Want to Kill My First Jew’: Jewish Man Violently Assaulted in London

Boris Johnson to hold meeting on potential restrictions amid Omicron surge

Man Who Broke Into Grounds of Queen’s Castle was Armed with Crossbow: Reports

Police Chief Blames Black Lives Matter, Climate Change Protests for Rise in Assaults on Cops

Scottish Football Fans Chant ‘You Can Shove Your F***ing Booster Up Your A$$!” at Scottish Leader During Soccer Match (VIDEO)

‘No Culture, No future’: Thousands Protest in Brussels Against Restrictions on Arts Sector

Belgium Man Arrested While Attempting To Get 9th COVID-19 Vaccine On Behalf Of Others

France Sees over 100,000 Daily Virus Infections for 1st Time

German Asylum Seeker Rate Increase Over Double EU Average This Year

Germany: Woman bites woman in fight over dog discipline

Around 40,000 Migrants Arrive Illegally in Spain in 2021 So Far

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Accuses Germany of Using EU to Create ‘Fourth Reich

Arrest warrant issued for ex-Ukrainian president – media

Putin to Mull Options If West Refuses Guarantees on Ukraine

Russian Gas Flows via Yamal-Europe Pipeline Reversed for 6th Day


Middle East Region

‘Very interested’: Israel eyes closer security ties with Australia

Israel approves plan to double settler population in the Golan Heights

Citizens of occupied Golan affirm their resilience to foil Israeli settlement schemes

Iran threatens: 'We'll bomb the Dimona reactor if Israel attacks'

Why Iran’s threat to attack Israel’s Dimona matters - analysis

Is Iran’s new drone swarm Shahed-136 tech a gamechanger? - analysis

Christian Prisoners In Iran Get Rare 10-Day Holiday Leave

3rd US military logistics convoy attacked in Iraq Sun

“Al-Jabha al-Shamiya” terrorists sell homes of citizens in Afrin city

Popular factions target a base affiliated to QSD in Jazrat al-Buhmeid, Deir Ezzor countryside

Taliban-Run Government Dissolves Afghan Election Commissions

Afghanistan: Taliban clamp down on women's taxi use

UAE’s First Astronaut Reveals He Took Israeli Flag on Space Mission

Arab Coalition: Terrorist Hezbollah Responsible for Targeting Civilians in Saudi Arabia, Yemen

Iran, Hezbollah aid Yemen rebel strikes: Saudi-led coalition

Royal Saudi Air Force and US Air Force Conclude "Combat Readiness" Drill

“How greatly we are in need of peace in our hearts and across Lebanon’s regions,” asserts Boujikian



China is in deep trouble

Pope Francis AGAIN Snubs China’s Uyghurs in Christmas Message

China reportedly working on 'brain control weapons'

China Replaces Leader Linked to Uyghur Genocide

China’s local COVID case count driven to 21-month high

Can China's Quantum Radar Detect Any Submarine?

How Close Is South Korea to Becoming a Submarine Power?

Singapore: From Jan 15, unvaccinated workers will not be allowed to return to the workplace even with negative pre-event test

Myanmar army kills more than 30 on Christmas Eve ‘massacre’: human rights group

Joint Statement by 59 Civil Society Organizations

Over 5,000 flee clashes along Thai-Myanmar border to Tak

Save the Children says 2 staffers are missing after a massacre in Myanmar

Chinese Armed Submarine In Myanmar l PLA & Myanmar Army Helping India’s Northeast Insurgent Groups?

Factory boiler blast kills 6 in eastern India, injures 6


Latin America

Top Mexican Political Operator Charged in Mayoral Candidate’s Murder

Violence Persists at Tropical Resorts Because of Tourists Seeking Drugs

Is Cancun Crime Wave Linked To Mayoral Corruption?

Investigation Has Launched After Three-Year-Old Girl Dies From Cardiac Arrest One Day After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine in Argentina

China-LatAm cooperation continues momentum despite changes in regional countries' politics

Bomb Attacks Terrorize the Colombian-Venezuelan Border

Heavy Rains, Flooding Displace Thousands in Northeast Brazil

Dam bursts in northeastern Brazil force evacuations

Firefighters battle against forest fires in Río Negro, Chubut and Neuquén

Out Brazilian Olympic diver Ian Matos dies aged 32

UAE Extends USD 2 Million Grant to Costa Rica in Flood Response, Underscores Commitment to Elevating Strategic Partnership

'Wind' from Earth's middle layer blows through a secret passage beneath Panama

Haiti - FLASH : Youri Latortue accuses the Embassy of Haiti in Washington of embezzlement

Saudi Arabia inaugurates $40 million project to develop water treatment plant in Cuba$40-million-project-to-develop-water-treatment-plant-in-Cuba



Six Dead After Suicide Bombing in Congo on Christmas Day

After suicide bombing, east Congo mayor fears more attacks

Kidnappers Demand N20m Ransom For Abducted Community Leader

Red Crescent: Bodies of 27 migrants wash ashore in Libya

GCC expresses its regret over postponing Libyan elections

Police invade church, whisk away Okorocha’s son in-law

Imo accuses Okorocha of raising false alarm over son-in-law’s arrest, treasury looting

Jonathan responsible for rise of banditry in Nigeria – Amaechi

Suspected soldier shoots dead 4 people in Zimbabwe

China buys more of Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

Desmond Tutu: Archbishop and anti-apartheid veteran dies aged 90

Tutu’s death prompts drama: We’ll never forgive what he did to Winnie

New African port to put China across the Atlantic from the US

Somalia: UN Says Closure of UN Staff Airport Terminal in Mogadishu Was 'Abrupt'

Policeman, civilian shot dead in Samburu banditry attack

Peace meeting to end Wajir-Marsabit border killings

South Africa stops quarantining and contact tracing for asymptomatic COVID sufferers


South Pacific

Record Virus Cases in Australia’s Most Populous State, Hundreds Received Incorrect Test Results

South Australia strengthens COVID-19 restrictions, scraps PCR tests for arrivals

Corruption Scandal Former Austrian Chancellor Kurz Lands Silicon Valley Job: Report

New Zealand Allows Euthanasia for Coronavirus Patients ‘in Some Circumstances’

Significant magnitude 5.8 earthquake 125 km southeast of Hihifo, Tonga

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano (Tonga): strong phreatomagmatic activity continues, huge eruption plume up to 12 km



Trudeau says western countries need to stand together against China

Overnight shootings keep Toronto police busy

RCMP investigating two bodies discovered after house fire in North Battleford

A man has died following a work-related accident at Montreal's Old Port Ferris Wheel

Metro Vancouver weather: Arctic outflow, winter storm warnings in effect

The wind chill will make it feel like -21 C overnight in Vancouver, forecaster says

COVID-19: Vancouver Coastal Health closes Richmond testing site due to cold

Quebec gathering caps reduced, hospitals shut to visitors as province battles with explosive Omicron wave

Charges no longer proceeding against journalists arrested at B.C. pipeline protest

Report: Canada's Public Health Agency Tracked 33M Devices During Pandemic

Ontario reports record 10,412 new COVID-19 cases

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